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Our Story
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Our Story

Darrell Bolton, a retired Air Force officer, never imagined that his military career could still cost him his life--even after retirement. While on a missionary trip to the Far East, Darrell, overcome with severe pain, was rushed to the hospital. Suddenly, he found himself viewed as "the enemy“! This gripping, true story will captivate you as you live with the Boltons through the horrific stress of being stranded in a third-world hospital...with a doctor whose only plan for his critically ill patient involved a slab in the morgue! This is a story of divine deliverance!


Recommendation from Dr. David Gibbs. "“Bitterness imprisons life; love releases it”, a quote by Harry Fosdick given in Joanie Bolton’s book, With Unwashed Hands, summarizes her book exactly. Her husband, Darrell, and she were able, through the power of God, to rise above the deliberate mismanagement of his health problems by a non-Christian doctor in Asia. Prejudiced against Darrell for having been in the American Air Force, and now a Christian missionary, the doctor actually treated him as “an enemy” after his emergency surgery!


But through it all Darrell and Joanie were able to demonstrate the love of Christ through forgiveness and godly love. Throughout the book there are also many examples of God’s divine intervention and His answers to many prayers. It is an especially encouraging book demonstrating the power of prayer in every believer’s life."


Another quote."As a medical professional, I am appalled that such reprehensible abuse and neglect should be inflicted upon any human being...especially in the name of medicine! As someone who actually knows this kind and gentle man, I felt physically sickened by the mere reading of these events. This was truly a hate crime against one of our very own American heroes."

About the Author

Joanie Bolton is an author, ladies conference speaker, and cancer survivor.  Joanie and her husband, Darrell, have been married for 40 years, have two married sons and six beautiful grandchildren. After his retirement from the U. S. Air Force, Darrell has directed his energies into short-term mission trips to several countries, many of them are third-world countries. Because Joanie has joined him on several trips, she was present when a doctor’s mistreatment of her husband almost took his life.

A portion of the proceeds of the book "With Unwashed Hands" will go to help fund future missions trips for MVP Missions.

Joanie Bolton

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Book Reviews

This book is truly a story of faith, love and trust in our God, who takes care of us in our most trying times, and even in the smallest details (McTherapy!).
It is amazing that Darrell is still alive after a man that calls himself a doctor tried to make this not so, and Joanie went through more than a person should have to and kept her faith and trust in God to see them through this horrible ordeal.

An amazing story that will move you beyond measure, I could not put it down! I am sharing it with everyone I know!

Cathy Heyniger


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