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Book Reviews

A. Cardona

6/13/2013 02:30:35 pm

I have been an avid but slow reader for years. I usually take quite a long time reading a book, however, I literally could not put this book down. I even got a migraine from crying/laughing/crying! But I had to keep reading until Darrell was finally out of danger. Each time I thought that was the case, he would have more horrible medical set backs. The faith that this tremendous couple showed to those around them was a testimony to believers and non-believers alike. It was so evident throughout this story that God did many amazing things to show His divine power. It has made me realize that God even cares about the things that seem too small to even bother Him with. It was an incredibly well written account of an extremely difficult series of events that transpired in the life of this American hero and his wife. I will be giving this book to my friends and family! A must read!

Dominie Soo Bush

6/13/2013 02:30:35 pm

What a horrifying experience they went through in 2011! The book is well-written, dense with detail, yet concise. Darrell would have died a terrible death if Joanie had not accompanied him on this particular mission trip to Asia.

It is hard to imagine a more stressful situation - the horror of watching her husband painfully suffer at the hands of a doctor who hated them, concern about unsanitary conditions that were killing her husband, and sleeplessness/exhaustion from the continuous life-threatening medical emergencies. Joanie's stress was further compounded by a very difficult loss while they were away.

This book would have been a very dark tale were it not for the many ways God intervened, often miraculously to help them. The most spiritually inspiring part of the book for me was when Joanie was on the hospital balcony and her desire to reach the lost for Christ. (I won't give away what she did, but it was very touching. What a resourceful woman of God!)

If you are interested in medicine, missions, international relations, or the military, this book will speak to you. If you wonder what a committed Christian marriage looks like under the worst of circumstances, look no further. The Boltons are the real deal, and their saga is unforgettable.

Chris Tefft

6/13/2013 02:30:35 pm

This was an excellent book and testament to God's miraculous power in Darrell and Joanie Boltons lives. Great read, couldn't put it down.

Jeanne Dias

6/13/2013 02:30:35 pm

What a blessing the Bolton's are to us for sharing this personal, frightening, painful and times beautiful journey they went through. The book was so real, touching, funny, sad, tearful, heart wrenching..... I felt as though I was there with them. I am stunned how humans can be so cruel to one another as this "Doctor" was to Darrell and who is supposed to defend and save lives! This book is a powerful message of how God works in each of us, each day, even though we may not feel or see Him every moment... The Bolton's faith was truly tested and God in Heaven prevailed once again!! God is alive!still healing and performing miracles as this wonderful couple has shared with us. Thank you Joanie for writing this, you are truly talented. What an awesome testimony! God Bless you both abundantly in all areas of your lives! Keep spreading the Good News!!

Cheryl G

6/13/2013 02:30:35 pm

Joanie Bolton and I share an unique yet strong connection through a small furry spirit named Scooter. Through a series of synchronicities, my husband and I adopted, Scooter, Joanie's Mom's dog just weeks after her Mom unexpectedly passed. While I've only met Joanie and her husband once in person, it was unquestionably this special connection that prompted me to buy this book. Then, my desire to support this first-time author encouraged me to start reading the book. Yet, it was the irrefutable faith and countless miracles I encountered on nearly every page that called me to finish the book.

I applaud Joanie as a first-time author for several reasons. I fully respect that she accepted the daunting task--which I honestly believe is part of her life's purpose--to sit down day-after-day in front of her computer and diligently complete this amazing and necessary work. I admire Joanie's willingness to share such personal and delicate details of her and Darrell's journey with the clear intention of delivering her message. And, I sincerely appreciate her simple, straight-forward writing style. Whether deliberate or not, Joanie's approach was the perfect vehicle to carry the reader through such a difficult and heart-wrenching story.

A story of love and joy, miracles and blessings, and immeasurable courage and faith, this book is one I would whole-heartedly recommend to others wherever they may be on their spiritual path.


6/16/2013 02:51:13 am

I could not put "Unwashed Hands" down! A gripping TRUE story of one man's inhumanity towards another man because of his service and love of his Country. I don't think a Hollywood screen writer could have written a more emotional story that takes you through such feelings of horror, fear, anger and even humor. The author takes you on a journey with her through an amazing time in a Third World Country called "Eden" where God shows His all powerful love and control of every little detail of events in her and her husband's lives.
A wonderful book that is easy to read and written in everyday words, straight from the heart. LOVED IT!!!!!!!!

Cathy Heyniger

6/20/2013 03:15:48 am

This book is truly a story of faith, love and trust in our God, who takes care of us in our most trying times, and even in the smallest details (McTherapy!).
It is amazing that Darrell is still alive after a man that calls himself a doctor tried to make this not so, and Joanie went through more than a person should have to and kept her faith and trust in God to see them through this horrible ordeal.
An amazing story that will move you beyond measure, I could not put it down! I am sharing it with everyone I know!

Terry W.

6/22/2013 07:03:23 am

This book is truly a story of faith, love and trust in our God, who takes care of us in our most trying times, and even in the smallest details (McTherapy!).
It is amazing that Darrell is still alive after a man that calls himself a doctor tried to make this not so, and Joanie went through more than a person should have to and kept her faith and trust in God to see them through this horrible ordeal.
An amazing story that will move you beyond measure, I could not put it down! I am sharing it with everyone I know!

Betty P

6/22/2013 10:03:10 am

This book is truly a story of faith, love and trust in our God, who takes care of us in our most trying times, and even in the smallest details (McTherapy!).
It is amazing that Darrell is still alive after a man that calls himself a doctor tried to make this not so, and Joanie went through more than a person should have to and kept her faith and trust in God to see them through this horrible ordeal.
An amazing story that will move you beyond measure, I could not put it down! I am sharing it with everyone I know!


6/24/2013 01:52:26 pm

This book is truly a story of faith, love and trust in our God, who takes care of us in our most trying times, and even in the smallest details (McTherapy!).
It is amazing that Darrell is still alive after a man that calls himself a doctor tried to make this not so, and Joanie went through more than a person should have to and kept her faith and trust in God to see them through this horrible ordeal.
An amazing story that will move you beyond measure, I could not put it down! I am sharing it with everyone I know!

Aaron McBride

6/24/2013 01:52:26 pm

When I asked the Boltons if they would allow me to design the cover of their book, I only knew a few bits and pieces of the story. I had my own ideals of what I thought the book cover should look, but when Mrs. Bolton told me exactly what she wanted, I must say I was quite confused as to why she wanted the cover that way.

When I received my copy of the book today, of course I was excited to see my work on the cover of the book, but I was even more excited about getting to read the incredible true story contained in the book. When I began to read I kept reading and kept reading. With each page the picture that Mrs. Bolton had me paint with graphics became clear, until I final reached the line on page 108 "It was as though I could see beautiful rays of light breaking through the dark, stormy clouds that surrounding us...". I immediately sent a text to Mrs. Bolton that read "The cover makes sense now! Thank you for letting me be a part of this amazing story!" I did not put the book down until I had finished reading from cover to cover. In the end I can say that I was thoroughly blessed.

You will not be sorry for reading this book, you will spend time crying, laughing, and praising God for His great amazing grace!


6/25/2013 03:06:48 am

"What an amazing God!"-- was my overwhelming thought as I read this book. It was touching to see God's loving grace upon these wonderful servants. Joanie's book is a great example of how God, with His mighty hand, carries us through dark days. The humor, wit, poignancy, and compassion made this book an exceptional read! I will definitely be recommending it to my friends. Thanks, Joanie (and Darrell), for telling your story!


6/27/2013 12:45:53 am

This moving book is an inspiring story of dear friends that I have known for years. Truly a miraculous story that will touch many hearts and prayerfully change lives. It is truly amazing how God kept His hand on Darrell. Two songs came to mind after reading this book. To God Be The Glory and Amazing Grace!! Darrell is a walking miracle and I know God will continue to use him and Joanie for many more years on the mission field.

Tina Brewer

6/28/2013 07:55:21 am

I just finished reading this! I couldn't put it down! God truly is alive and working miracles daily! Please read this will truly be an encouragement to you! Thank you for humbly sharing this experience with us, Joanie and Darrell Bolton!!! It was beautifully written! I read well past nap time was over as I couldn't put it down! :) You both are an amazing blessing of faith in God!

Kathy L.

7/5/2013 06:00:14 am

This is a story of how unfair and hard life can be and Joanie Bolton takes us thru her personal journey of terror and uncertainty in a strange and unfamiliar land. It shows the hand of God working, even when things are confusing and gray.
Knowing that this book was not fiction, but a true present-time event, I found it hard to set it aside. It's gripping, and at times very amusing...a good read.

Amy Sue Russell

7/8/2013 11:25:53 am

I was so excited to read it I was up at 2:00am Thursday morning, but went back to bed until 4:00am. Just had to get up & start reading. Well I finished it Thursday afternoon & it was so wonderful there aren't any words or emotions to describe it. I actually had to remind myself several times that IT'S TRUE ! Loved it & my husband is really excited when I brought it home last night.

I have to tell the customers of Amazon that whether or not you're a Christian, this book will entrance you. It is AMAZING to hear what a HUMAN had to deal with. It is an abomination how a person can be treated JUST BECAUSE someone doesn't like your country, skin color, religion OR your eye color, AND yes it get's that petty. Through out the book, you literally have to remind yourself that THIS REALLY HAPPENED, THESE THINGS HAPPENED & IT HAS HAPPENED RECENTLY. Please give this book a try. I read the Bible, not much of anything else. This book captivated me & I know it will captivate you as well. Blessings

Robin Del Collo

7/10/2013 03:20:31 am

I met Joanie and Darrell when they visited our church recently. I am an avid reader, and after listening to Darrell give a brief testimony, I knew without a doubt I had to buy Joanie's book. I read the entire book on the beach in Ocean City, NJ on the 4th of July. I could not put it down. I was completely pulled in to the story, laughing at times, sobbing at times, totally horrified at the treatment and non-treatment of Darrell. I was blessed immeasurably by Darrell and Joanie's unwavering faith, the many people along the way who were "gifts from above" without a doubt, but most of all, by God's unending provision, love and grace. I am now going to pass my copy of the book around to as many people as I can, and am going to download it onto my Kindle so that I can read it again. What an encouragement this book was to me. So many times we think we are going through something that is so devastating, and it may be, but what Darrell and Joanie endured is truly unbelievable. But God did not leave them and their faith increased day by day, and will be a testimony and encouragement for many. The Lord is glorified in every page of this amazing story!


7/12/2013 02:34:53 pm

This book captivates your attention and and takes you on a non-stop unbelievable journey. The incredible mistreatment is topped only by God's grace and power.
I would definitely recommend this book, very encouraging!


7/15/2013 03:57:59 am

I received this book on a Thursday after ordering it on the recommendation of a family member. I sat down to read at about 6:30 pm and did not stop until i was finished at 12:30 am! I just had to conclude this gripping account of mistreatment by a heartless doctor and courage in the face of terribly difficult loss. There is more to the story than even the cover alludes to. I will not spoil anything for other readers, but I can say that I was brought to tears twice. This book will touch your heart and inspire you. I am so grateful i found out about this book. I hope many others get the chance to read it!


7/15/2013 11:51:41 am

Loved the book, Joanie! A great read. Very professional! Having a little bit of medical background myself, I was horrified at what Bro. Darrell went through. A great testimony of God’s Grace and Provision!

Richard Ross

7/15/2013 01:23:30 pm

This is an amazing book!! I'm not much of a reader but thoroughly enjoyed seeing God work in the lives of two of His great servants. I oftened wondered how Darrell could hold on to his life but his lovely wife had close contact with God, the only one who could provide help when needed. Over and over it seemed Darrell was recovering to just hit another setback; each one showed God's amazing mercy and miracles. One cannot deny these as miracles and if there are doubts then read the book and be your own judge. The accounts of God's love and further need of Darrell in His ministry, as shown in this book, increased my faith. Joanie's faith is repeatedly demonstrated that she is a true servant of god! I must thank her for the long hours of having to relive those terrible moments as she put them in the form of this book.


7/17/2013 03:39:21 am

I started reading as soon as I received it and finished the next day. To read what Mr. Bolton went through physically and Mrs.Bolton as well with her family was almost too much to bear. My heart was so broken over what I was reading and then the tears came. But to see how their faith was so strong makes me want to keep going and to put my complete trust in God. I have gone from crying to laughter in many parts of the book. This is a definite must read for anyone.


7/20/2013 03:53:52 am

I am not a "reader" per say. I read a book here and there mainly because I have ADD and the book has to capture my attention immediately. This book did that and more. I was not able to put it down until I was done reading it. I've known of the hatred toward Americans over seas, but to know that a doctor will betray his oath to preserve life to feed this hatred is incomprehensible! You will not regret reading this book, I promise!

Brenda Ernst

7/23/2013 12:09:15 am

I received my copy of your book when you visited my church in Lehighton,PA. I started reading it and couldn't put it down. This book reminds us and proves to us that there IS a God and with prayers and faith we can overcome anything because he will answer our prayers in his own way and in the amount of time he knows is right. I very much enjoyed this book and will read it again.

Dorothy Saunders

7/26/2013 04:05:46 am

I really enjoyed reading your book. Thanks for sending your book to me. Will pass it along to someone else.


8/9/2013 02:47:40 am

Thank you, for sharing this trial with us. God spoke to my heart and confirmed to me that He is in control. God is good! regardless of our situation! I hope you have time to read my review on Amazon. 8/9/13 Anna,NJ. May God continue to use you both as he sees fit.

D. Bisson

8/12/2013 03:52:05 am

With Unwashed Hands is a poignant and heart breaking testimony of just exactly missionaries face on a daily basis sometimes while on the mission field. Joanie captures your heart and mind with her gripping story. I shed many tears of sorrow and joy as I read this book cover to cover in one sitting. I love this family's dedication to spreading the gospel and am proud to call them friends!

Penny Owens

8/16/2013 02:45:21 pm

Darrell and Joanie have been friends of ours for over years. They have been faithful in the Lord's service and it is not surprising that God is using them in a remarkable way on the mission field. This book is a picture of God's amazing hand of mercy and protection.


8/25/2013 10:56:02 am

I enjoyed the book very much because she gave the honor and glory to Jesus, and it gave us hope.


8/25/2013 11:07:53 am

Joanie's compelling story is both heart wrenching and heart warming. It is the dramatic story of how God allowed the Bolton's to have their faith tested in unimaginable circumstances and brought them through a life changing experience. A must read. I could not put her book down!

Cathy K

8/28/2013 02:02:47 pm

Read this book and was truly amazed at the strength Mr. Bolton had. Know it had to only be the grace of God that allowed him to survive such a horrible ordeal so far from home. Also, Mrs. Bolton not only had to worry about her husband but was going through a very great loss. Wow! Truly God was with them both.

Alnetta E. Whitaker

8/28/2013 02:07:33 pm

This is a book that I feel everyone should read. I couldn't put it down for very long until I finished it. I read it in a matter of days and not a week. I have bought 2 other copies and mailed them to a brother and sister in Ohio that I feel they too will enjoy. Joanie did a fantastic job of writing this book. She told me about how she made the decision on designing the cover. God brought them thru so many trials in their ministry abroad. Please read and look at the beautiful pictures included.

Cathy Kite

8/29/2013 09:50:50 am

What a wonderful book, I couldn't put it down and read it in one day. Such great faith is a true blessing. The great hardships that were endured by the Bolton's have been turned into a work of art honoring God.

Gayle Pace

8/29/2013 01:45:17 pm

I was so wrapped up in this book that I had trouble putting it down. The only thing you can think about is if Darrell was OK. Just when I thought he was there was another set back. The author wrote a difficult book to write. It takes a lot of courage to write about a loved one who is going through so much. The author makes you feel all the emotions that her and her husband went through. It's not easy to put your emotions in writing so that others will feel that. The story is a wonderful story of love, faith and trusting in God. Their faith was really tested on their mission trip to the far east. They really did shine.

The book shows that there is hope when you are put in a difficult situation. God is there and you can go to him with anything. Faith in God will carry you through the worst and the best. The book has quotes from several medical professionals stating that Darrell should have died from the mistreatment he received. Whether you believe or not, the book is a wonderful story, a true story.

It's a story of courage, faith, and love

Momma Frugal

9/4/2013 03:56:12 p

Regardless of whom you believe in, this story will touch your heart as a true testament to divine intervention.

Imagine if you will, you are in a foreign country. And while you are there, you become critically ill. What would you do? How would you pay for the bills? And if that isn't enough to be dealing with, you receive devastating news from back home?

The Boltons went through all of that while they were on a missionary trip overseas. This book is definitely a must read that details the heart wrenching, faith testing, and courage filled journey they went through.

Joe Springer

10/24/2013 12:39:06 am

A very moving book. I read the book in one sitting. The book is very well written, holding your attention from start to finish. It made me want to read more. The Bolton's love and devotion for their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is evident throughout the book. I hope to read more about the Bolton's in the near future. We need more good books like this from talented autors like Joanie Bolton!

Kari R

12/1/2013 10:17:39 pm

What an amazing story told by such a great woman! I read this book in less than 24 hours, I just couldn't put it down once I started reading. I could not imagine living through the events that this couple did. You both are truly brave and strong! I'm so glad I was able to read your story.

Sandra Stiles

2/14/2014 11:09:00 am

Imagine your loved on in the hospital going through unspeakable trials. Now take that same situation and place it in another country and add to it that the suffering is actually added to by the doctor who is supposed to be helping your loved one. That is exactly what happened to this author’s husband. The things they went through are things you would think would have happened years ago. It has only been a few years since this happened. This story is one to be enjoyed by Christian and non-Christian alike. This story shows how God holds us close to him, and how he comforts us when no one else can.
This is definitely a story of faith, miracles, and love. It proves the point that what man means for evil God can use for good. Break out your box of tissues and prepare to have your heart wrenched out and your soul inspired. I received a copy from the author in exchange for my honest review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

Francie Taylor

3/7/2014 01:05:07 am

I love missionary stories, whether reading them from a book or hearing them at the dinner table. Here's one that will bless your heart while magnifying God's goodness This is a missionary thriller, as you never know what's going to happen next in the lives of Darrell and Joanie Caldwell Bolton!
Get this book. 

The harrowing story of Darrell and Joanie Bolton during their 2011 missions trip reminded me of Joseph \, who said this about those who had tried to harm him: "But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive." (Genesis 50:20) "With Unwashed Hands" is a tribute to God's divine protection, proving again and again that God is worthy of our trust. There is absolutely no denying that God turned a trial to triumph. Once you start reading, you won't stop until you get to the end of this miraculous story.--Francie Taylor, Editor in Chief, Keep the Heart

CK Webb

6/6/2014 01:23:36 am

A harrowing, true tale of pain, suffering and human indecency, turned into a life-long mission. Joanie Bolton has woven together a tapestry so disturbing, it is difficult to believe it is reality. Through some of the most difficult times in their lives, the Boltons have shown amazing resilience and an awe inspiring ability to forgive and to share their story with others. With Unwashed Hands is tough to read, but necessary for change to happen. An absolutely compelling story from an author with a special knack for putting all her emotions on paper and a bravery so unique, no other can rival it. One of the most enlightening live interviews I have ever done! With Unwashed Hands will tug and tear at your heart, but in the end we are left with something much stronger, that will linger in our hearts and minds always... HOPE."

CK Webb
Host of WebbWeaver Books
Columnist for Suspense Publishing

Dr David Gibbs, Sr.

3/14/2016 05:44:13 am

“Bitterness imprisons life; love releases it” a quote by Harry Fosdick given in Joanie Bolton’s book, With Unwashed Hands, summarizes her book exactly.
Her husband, Darrell, and she were able, through the power of God, to rise above the deliberate mismanagement of his health problems by a non-Christian doctor in Asia. Prejudiced against Darrell for having been in the American Air Force, and now a Christian missionary, the doctor actually treated him as “an enemy” after his emergency surgery! But through it all Darrell and Joanie were able to demonstrate the love of Christ through forgiveness and godly love.
Throughout the book there are also many examples of God’s divine intervention and His answers to many prayers. It is an especially encouraging book demonstrating the power of prayer in every believer’s life.

1/20/2022 02:49:32 pm

I just finished reading your book...can't believe I waited this long! I couldn't put it down! I am so amazed at the journey God lead you through...and He was and is faithful--working miracles and spreading the Good News even to Eden and the ones that had evil intentions! Thank you for opening up and sharing your pain, your struggles, your blessed moments, your friends and your family memories. You have inspired me! Importantly, your book is a mighty evangelical tool to reach others for all eternity! You both are an amazing blessing of faith, hope and love plus your sincere trust in God!

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